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5" Vinyl Decal Blowout Sale! - 2 Printed Decals Perfectly Cut

We Ship Worldwide!

  • This listing is for 2 printed vinyl decal matte finish 5" stickers that have been printed and professionally kiss-cut perfectly.  Decals are of random designs from any one of our many vinyl decal categories.


    When this inventory is sold out, it will be gone for good.


    Because this is a clearance bulk sale, returns will not be accepted.  We guarantee that there will be no duplicate decals in each set, however if you purchase more than one set you may have more than one duplicate or no duplicates at all.  These are all random mixed sets. 


    Warning: Choking Hazard. Our products are small and are not suitable for small children.

    little T studio is not responsible for any liability for injury resulting from the use of our products or any recommended uses of our products.