Commercial Single Use Gold License

Commercial Single Use Gold License

  • This listing is for the Commercial Gold License.


    By purchasing the Commercial Gold License, you are granted a non-exclusive, non-transferable, revocable, one-person commercial license to use little T studio artwork for an unlimited number of commercial products.  No credit is required.

    Each Commercial Gold License applies to a single product listing.  For every product listing you purchase, a Commercial Gold License must also be purchased to use that artwork commercially in an unlimited number of products with no credit required.  All rights, title, interest, copyrights and intellectual rights are retained by little T studio. 


    You cannot sell this artwork digitally. 

    This means you cannot sell it as a digital stand-alone product, modified product or as part of a digital product. Some examples of what you cannot do are selling it as digital clipart, digital stickers, digital download or digital paper.



    No credit is required.

    You can sell an unlimited number of products using our artwork.

    Some examples of products you can create using our artwork are: stickers, notebooks, book marks, mugs, tote bags, phone or laptop cases, invitations, t-shirts.

  • Add this to your cart along with the product listing and complete checkout.  When you receive your receipt of payment, this will confirm your right for commercial use of the specified product at the Gold level.  No document will be sent to you after purchasing this item. 


    For any additional clip art sets that you want to use under the terms of a Commercial Gold License, please purchase those products as well as the additional licenses.  1 license purchase per product listing is required.


    If you have already purchased some of our artwork and later decide that you want to use it commercially, you will need to purchase one of our commercial licenses.  When you do, please reference your original order number and the digital clipart set you are applying this license to so we can update our records accordingly. 


    Any questions, feel free to contact us!

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