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License to Print Additional Planner Copies


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  • This license is for those who want to print additional copies or have printed by a print company additional copies of the Best Life Planner™ to give as gifts.  This license does not entitle you to print and sell this planner.


    For each copy of the planner you want to print to give as a gift to someone, you will need to purchase 1 license.  So for example, 1 planner copy needed = 1 license purchase needed, 2 planner copies = 2 license purchases, etc.  

    You will need 1 license for each planner copy you want to print out and give as a gift to someone.


    When you purchase this listing and payment has cleared, you can download the license file immediately in the “Thank You” page of the checkout. You will also receive an emailed link to your purchased license file that will last for 30 days.  Bring that with you if you’re going to print it at a Kinkos, OfficeMax, Staples, etc. They will need to see a copy of it.




    Simply purchase the number of licenses to equal the number of books you need to have printed.

    After you have placed your bulk order, if you prefer to have all of your license to print letters combined into a single 1 page document, simply contact us and provide your first and last name and order number.  We can generate a single 1 page letter for the bulk print so you don't have to print out 1 license to print permission letter for each license you have purchased. 


    By purchasing this license, you are agreeing to these terms: All designs, illustrations and information are Copyright little T studio. You may not use this license to print and sell copies of the Best Life Planner™.  This license entitles you to 1 printed copy of the Best Life Planner™ per license purchased. If you have any questions feel free to contact us.

    Warning: Choking Hazard. Our products are small and are not suitable for small children. little T studio is not responsible for any liability for injury resulting from the use of our products or any recommended uses of our products.  little T studio is not responsible for any printing errors.


    DIY Printing Help:
    Due to the wide variety of printer settings and configurations each computer may be enabled with, little T studio is not able to provide technical support or how-to guidance for printing, printer configuration/settings, binding, etc.  Please contact your computer or printer manufacturer for assistance. Thank you.

  • "I love using my organizer with all the different stickers! It makes it so easy to stay organized and keep my appointments straight!. With the stickers I can see what is coming up on the calendar with just a glance, not messy trying to fit and read information from each day. The stickers save me from writing everything out. Plus it’s fun!" - P.H., IL, USA